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“4 PILLARS” (the 4 essential formulas)


A true detox must include cleaning and strengthening the kidneys, endocrine glands, GI tract, and moving the lymphatic system. These four herbal formulas are the foundation of all herbal detox protocols. They are a great place to start and you can build from here.



Add these basic Boosts to Jivana Detox Tea for a simple but powerful brew.

Includes a 1 Month supply of:
Kidney Filtration Boost
Lymph Mover Boost
Balanced Glands Boost
GI Boost

Add other Jivana Boosts as needed.

Suggested Add-Ons
Jivana Detox Tea
Liver/Gallbladder Boost
Anti-Parasite Boost
Adrenal Gland Boost
Other Boosts
Psyllium Broom

Add Boosts to Jivana Detox Teas
Build your own custom detox protocol
Instructions and Diet   List of Boosts


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