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JIVANA KIDNEY TEA (2 Months) $39.20 (20% off)

$49.00 $39.20

Traditional herbs that the support kidney health which aids in the cleansing of lymphatic fluids which is an important part of natural healing.



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100% Certified Organic Whole Herbs

Herbal Supplement Proprietary Blend*
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Traditional support for lymphatic and glandular detoxification.

Kidney filtration is the foundation of good health. You see, lymph is our sewer system that surrounds every cell. Dirty lymph turns acidic and destroys tissues which leads to pain, disease, mutations, and early cell death. Kidneys are meant to filter and eliminate lymph waste and if clogged they recycle toxins back into the body. These herbs help the kidneys filter dirty lymph and expel these wastes from the body for good–and have been traditionally used to dissolve sediment and obstructions so the kidneys can do their job well. 

When we ask to be healed, our unhealed places are forced to the surface so they can be released.” – Marianne Williamson, Spiritual Teacher


Our Kidney Filtration Boost is the same formula as our Kidney Tea.

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